Digital Signage

Digital siging systems are devices that are intended to display multimedia content for commercial or business purposes. What separates them from the other screen is his enhanced specifications such as the light of the screen, contrast, thin and elegant design, and the possibility of continuous 24-hour work.

Their implementation is extremely widespread, but it is most commonly seen in retail facilities, banks, passenger stations and corporate buildings and is used to display multimedia content, and all in order to attract customer attention and More efficient information placement.

Depending on their purpose, in addition to standard design, they can be noticed by the signage screens in Video Wall configuration, then Stretched SIGDS systems, interactive systems, newssets, projectors and LED billtapes.

Only some of the benefits that can provide you with SIGNA systems are to increase the productivity and efficiency of business processes, better sales stimulation, and influence the decision of the end user, better information of the brand or item, impact at the end of The satisfaction of the user and so on.

As part, Beotech offers a complete service for the design of the preliminary solution of the siges system, consulting, implementation, maintenance and support for centralized content management software.

Conference Rooms

Every major meeting aims to decide what stock to take in the company. Whether it’s a new direction, to start or end a relationship with a client and a vendor, or to set a budget, to choose teams and many similar decisions are mainly brought within four walls of a conference hall. In short, this is a decision-making area and solve the problem.

In order to facilitate decision-making, various multimedia facilities and video conferences are often used to make decisions clear. For this reason, in conference rooms you can often see modern technologies, each representing a significant role throughout the system.

We offer a complete AV solution for conference rooms, which will correspond to the needs of the users. With the most modern hardware solutions, such as interactive panels and projectors, micro-phoneic systems and sounds, and applications for flexible and simple collaborations of video calls.