Communication Security

Babelnet - Communication Security
Babelnet - Communication Security

Secure your Communiaction

Babelnet is a  platform for secure communication. It provides secure sending and storing of encrypted messages and documents. Babelnet is available on mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (Windows, macOS) platforms.

Babelnet uses strong cryptography algorithms and protocols, based on international standards. The Babelnet platform is composed of servers and clients for mobile and desktop devices with different operating systems.

The first truly secure messenger for your group

Babelnet Secure-communication

Secure Communication

Using strong cryptography and Blockchain technology BabelApp instantly provides cross-platform encrypted communication between computers with Windows or MacOS X and mobile devices with iOS and Android – independent of location and connection type.

Babelnet VOIP-Calls

VOIP Calls

Encrypted phone calls between mobile devices within the network using VoIP, which includes notification of connection and public keys, codecs and protocols exchange for direct communication between devices while ensuring full confidentiality and integrity.

Babelnet Encrypted-Messages

Encrypted Messages

Secure communication via SMS, instant messages, audio or video messages and shared documents safely through encryption between the caller and receiver. Sent and received messages/documents are encrypted even when being stored on devices.

Babelnet Easy-Integration

Easy integration

BabelApp supports easy integration with third party applications such as document, customer or mobile device management systems, ensuring automated and secure transfer of data, information, documents and files between business applications and users.

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Babelnet Features

  • encrypted phone calls within the data network using VoIP technologies
  • high-quality sound
  • minimal data consumption (0.5MB per minute)
  • encrypted text messages using internet or data
  • encrypted attachment (photos, videos, voice…)
  • encrypted text messages via SMS
  • communication in group or individual chat
  • delivery reports
  • set up message expiration
  • message auto-delete
  • remote delete (from recipient’s device)
  • delete whole conversation
  • preating basic attachments directly in the application – photo, video, audio recordings
  • securely store encrypted received and sent messages in the app
  • preview attachment without required download
  • filter for stored documents
  • view and send a virtual business card
  • key codes for authentification
  • password protected app
  • advanced security (PIN code, Touch ID, face ID)

Our Partners

All our partners are leaders or leading companies in the IT industry. With great pleasure, we are introducing the list of our carefully selected partners, with whom we share the same principles: integrity, professionalism and reliability.