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Extreme Networks acquired Aerohive Networks

2022-10-26T18:34:20+02:0012 / 11 / 2019|Enterprise, News|

Extreme Networks is a wired/wireless LAN access layer vendor based in San Jose, California, that continues to expand globally. In 2018, 75% of Extreme’s edge portfolio was refreshed and includes the introduction of 802.3bz switches as well as pre-standards-based 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points and a suite of network [...]

The New Features of MyQ 7.5

2022-10-26T18:34:50+02:0029 / 07 / 2019|Document Business, News|

Scan to AWS S3Integrating with the world's leading Cloud storage provider, MyQ now allows a system administrator to configure MyQ so end users can scan files to AWS S3. One example would be in the government sector, as the majority of these institutions need to store their documents in Amazon [...]

MyQ and BEOtech Established Partnership

2022-10-26T18:35:14+02:0018 / 07 / 2019|Document Business, News|

MyQ has signed a technology partnership with BEOtech, the Belgrade-based IT and print consultancy, to establish the first MyQ competency center for the Balkan and nearby Mediterranean area. The competency center will expand regional access to MyQ’s award-winning print management services. Staffed with a dedicated team of experienced print [...]

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