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The Core Network Services for the Multi-Cloud Organization

Your organization is moving not just to the cloud, but to multi-cloud. How well you thrive in a cloud-driven world depends on the core network services that make all network connections possible—DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, collectively known as DDI. Smartly managing DDI across on-premises, virtual and cloud infrastructure is more critical than ever. And yet it’s become increasingly complex. Infoblox DDI brings next-level simplicity, security, reliability and automation to traditional networks, as well as digital transformations like SD-WAN, multi-cloud and IoT.

Infoblox DDI Components

Your network is only as resilient as the core network services that make it run—DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI).
They play a central role in connecting all devices and applications across your business.

Infoblox DNS

Centrally manage and automate all aspects of DNS using purpose-built platforms that suit on-premises and cloud-based deployments, enabling you to achieve the high availability, efficiency, security and application response times you need to thrive in a digitally connected world.

Infoblox DNS
Infoblox IPAM and DHCP

Infoblox IPAM and DHCP

Keep your defenses current and minimize exposure to fast-evolving DNS-based attacks. An industry first, Infoblox Threat AdaptTM technology harnesses ongoing intelligence on attack techniques from multiple sources and automatically fortifies your existing protection against new and evolving DNS threats. No patches, additional development, or configuration changes are required.

IPAM for Microsoft

The success of IT decision-making is directly correlated to the accurate and in-depth address-level details of an IP address management (IPAM) system.
Gaps in Microsoft IPAM create inconsistency between the current state of network topology and the information contained in Microsoft Active Directory (AD). This could lead to outright outages of basic services such as user authentication and file availability. Further, Microsoft server IPAM is limited to an individual forest requiring multiple server logins to manage multiple forests.

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft

Manage Windows Servers across Multiple Domains

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft provides comprehensive visibility across all domains and forests. With Infoblox IPAM, organization gain support for managing multiple forests, for example during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) without network outages from overlapping IP addresses.

DNS Traffic Control

Accelerate Application Response Times

Accelerate Application Response Times

Elevate customer experiences by ensuring timely application responses whether within your corporate network or over the Internet. With Infoblox DNS Traffic Control, your application traffic is intelligently directed to the ideal server in every instance based on multiple parameters, such as client and server proximity and server availability. Improve the responsiveness and performance of all applications, including video, by optimizing traffic distribution across your network. For external traffic, Infoblox DNS Traffic Control directs your traffic to the optimal data center based on location, geography, and other parameters to significantly improve response times.

Automate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Ensure that people can connect to your applications and Web sites without delay in any circumstance. Our solution continuously monitors your network to detect availability issues with servers and data centers. In the event of a disaster or other malfunction, external Internet traffic or internal application traffic routes automatically to optimal alternate sites or servers, based on analytical performance insights. Your traffic never slips into black holes. You also get the visibility and predictive analytics you need to better manage server response times, availability, and capacity.

Automate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity