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IT Security

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to find the right way to defend yourself, but also to detect what is attacking you and how it is attacking in the cyber world. Protecting and monitoring computer systems is critical to the normal operation of your IT infrastructure. We are able to implement multi-level security, as well as servers and workstations. In addition to active protection, there are solutions for actively monitoring online traffic.



Based on user requirements, and after analyzing the existing system, we design an IT systems solution that is tailored to client needs and capabilities, based on state-of-the-art technologies and applicable international and domestic standards. We also take care of integrating IT systems and business processes of the users to integrate their functional and technical characteristics within a single interactive system.


Document Business

When printing documents, money is spent in various ways that have not been foreseen, such as an inadequate number of devices, spent resources, and inefficient hardware. Our services include professional devices for large-scale printing, software programs for managing and digitizing documentation, as well as printing control services.


IT Support

IT packages are available for you, the size of which depends on the number of computer users in the company, as well as additional services through which you can meet all IT needs in one place.



This service constantly provides customers with innovative and effective solutions that will give them a competitive edge through the application of the latest communication and information technologies. For this purpose, the Digital Signage service was created, as a significant step towards a more modern way of market positioning and promotion of clients.


Surveillance & Security

Video surveillance systems are increasingly used in security systems, and for a good reason. Even the mere presence of video cameras deter potential burglars from theft. When combined with different systems, such as access control, you will have a safer environment.


About Us

BEOtech is a company providing business solutions and IT problem solving. The team is made up of ambitious and experienced employees, willing to tackle most demanding issues and design solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

By utilizing different tools, we can evaluate your IT infrastructure and develop strategies that enable you to decrease costs and increase the quality of service to our customer base.


Naši Partneri

Svi naši partneri su lideri ili vodeće kompanije u IT industriji. Sa velikim zadovoljstvom predstavljamo listu naših pažljivo odabranih partnera sa kojima delimo iste principe: integritet, profesionalnost i pouzdanost.

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