DMS – Document Management System

Document Management System represents the use of computer systems and software for the purpose of managing, storing, tracking and monitoring of electronic documents.

Some of the benefits provided by the DMS service are as follows:

  1. The DMS Software allows you to fully control documents. The documentation process becomes much easier and more efficient because at any time, you have quick and easy access to the desired documents.
  2. Compatibility – In order to facilitate work, the DMS is designed as an open system where the user has the ability to integrate with existing ERP systems using DMS program development tool.
  3. User Interface – Simplicity and elegance of the software makes the impression of a friendly interface that will allow you to do business more easily.
  4. Efficiency – The automation of organizational processes, timelines and alerts, advanced search, template optimization and mobility at work will significantly increase your efficiency, which means saving money and time.
  5. B2B Interface – One of the important services provided by DMS Software is the exchange of electronic documents between you and your partners. The volume of work and the need for paper are significantly reduced by using a B2B interface.
Upravljanje Dokumentima
Skeniranje dokumentacije

Scanning of Documents

Paperless business in an organization becomes a crucial factor in modern business. This is why the document scanning is the highest priority of DMS software in the process of complete manipulation of electronic documents. DMS is designed for quick and easy acceptance and digitization of documents, which can be identified by a bar code or a stamp on the first page of a document for better organization.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process is performed on all electronic documents which facilitates the process of digitization in two ways:

  • Identification of documents and its criteria
  • Indexing of all relevant information from a document so that future search is more efficient

Smart document recognition allows users to “teach” DMS software to recognize structured documents by a particular template. The software can identify the sender, the type of document, and the content that is in it. This way enables data input faster and neutralizes the ability duplication of documents.

Digital Archival of Documents

Digital archiving of documents — Developing information technology directly affects the exchange of documents in physical form. Except in paper form, documents can be exchanged via e-mail or exchanged directly with other software solutions.

To cover most of the options, MDS software supports various solutions archiving:

  • Archive Documents by e-mail — the software can be connected to an e-mail system. This form of connectivity enables you to automatically archive documents and submit to the process system.
  • Program archiving of documents — the possibility of archiving documents that were created in other programmatic tools, and their automatic exchange between different systems.
  • Virtual Printing of Documents – a virtual printer, which the user sees on their operating system, can accept the print command from any application and submit it to the Document Management System. This eliminates he need for printing and scanning documents, which significantly reduces the time spent and operational costs.

B2B Exchange of Documents

Electronic document exchange increasingly gains importance. Companies that have accepted B2B document exchanges directly affect the environment, while from the technical side neutralize the possibility of errors and operating costs. B2B allows you to legally exchange digitally signed documents.

When exchanging electronic documents, DMS supports the following B2B protocols:

  • IMAP/POP/SMTP/Exchange – General protocols for exchanging Emails
  • AS2 – Global standard for B2B exchange of Emails

In addition to the protocols listed above, DMS supports a high level of infrastructure for additional add-ins. Supported electronic document exchanging formats are:

  • Opentrans
  • UBL 2.1
  • Simple e-Syilable

Business Process Automation

Business processes are defined by certain rules, which can be precisely mapped and further automated in DMS software. DMS software allows you to enter your own rules and thus enable the automation of a complete system or only one part of the process. The DMS brings the acceleration of the internal processes to an average of 19%, while the acceleration of the flow of documents up to 80% compared to the physical flow of documents.

Time Rules and Alerts

Users want to have full control over the processes, and they should be done within the prescribed time frame. Therefore, special attention is paid to developing a system that allows you to assign time rules to your work processes.

This way, DMS will notify you of the time limits for document processing, but it will also warn the participants and the authorities in the business process of breaking the deadlines.

Advanced Search

Reliable and easy document search is one of the most important features of DMS software. When the document is archived in DMS, all the words contained in the document are used for search, as well as additional descriptive data of the document. Users can use multiple windows to simultaneously search and view different results.

The advanced search allows you to search documents according to different criteria, it is possible to search for documents of a specific type that are received within a desired time interval from a particular client, with financial elements within a certain range.

Napredno pretraživanje dokumentacije

Digital Signature

DMS allows the signing of documents with a qualified electronic certificate of output documents (eg. contracts, invoices, offers, etc.), which has the same validity as a physical signature.

The process of digitally signing documents is a simple process that significantly facilitates the exchange of digital documents. This reduces the number of steps required to generate and sign documents, and functionality is not reduced even when using DMS via smart devices on the go.

All incoming digital signature documents automatically verify validity and authenticity, which unambiguously identifies the identity of the digital document signer.


Using DMS is not conditioned by your presence in the office, but complete functionality is available through smart devices, wherever you are. While on the move, you can view, approve, and even digitally sign documents, enabling you to smoothly run your company.

DMS automatically adjusts to the type of your device, so there are no restrictions in terms of supported devices (mobile, tablet, laptop). You can provide your customers with the possibility of electronic signing of documents, thus confirming their consent and identity.