Document Management System


A Complete Document Management Solution

Document Management or as it is called DMS (Document Management System) is an automated solution for organizing, digitizing, approving and signing electronic documents. Although most business documentation digitization systems are used to store electronic data, DMS is much more than that. Having in mind that large DMS systems, like EBA DMS, are handling a large amount of documents in your business, you can significantly save time and dedicate yourself completely to the essential of your business.

EBA DMS Features



EBA DMS scanning room is designed for fast and easy document capture and digitalization. Documents can be scanned in bulk separated with bar-code or special stamp on fist page that allows users even faster document separation. Other documents can be imported to DMS by email, or from other software applications in organization (e.g. ERP, CRM, Web browser, etc).



EBA DMS gives you the power to enter the existing rules of the organization into document management system. These rules allows us to automate the whole process or just stages of the process. By using the sophisticated workflow support EBA DMS allows you to speed-up the process. Manual labor is greatly reduced since we do not need couriers to transfer documents form department to department. When one stage of process is completed document is automatically transferred to the next stage.


Advanced Search

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process is performed on all scanned documents aiding users in two ways. One is to perform document recognition. The other is to extract all words contained in a document to later allow users advanced searching.

Document recognition allows users to teach EBA DMS to recognize structured or semi-structured documents from partners. This is called template matching. EBA DMS can automatically detect sender, document type and position of the data we wish to extract. The most advanced search feature EBA DMS Full Text searching is providing users with Fuzzy searching. Fuzzy searching allows users to get results even if words contained in documents do not exactly match the words we are searching for.

Full Control EBA DMS

Absolute Control over Documents

The larger the organization the more control is needed over documents. To bring control over documents EBA DMS introduces Business Process Administrator. BPA is a person that is supervising one or more business processes supported within document management system. Using EBA DMS BPA can track progress on all documents for processes he or she supervises. Tracking means BPA get information about whereabouts of the document (who is current document holder), elapsed time and current stage of the document within process.



EBA DMS can be integrated with global ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, Datalab Pantheon, AX and more. EBA DMS provides Javascript based framework and development environment. EBA Developer tool is fully featured IDE with code-completion, debugger, syntax highlighting and deployment tool. EBA Javascript Framework provides rich set of classes and functions for developing custom solutions. EBA Development Environment enable users to develop complete solutions as a modules within EBA DMS. Document Exchange Infrastructure enables developers to quickly create and deploy custom protocols, parsers or generator plugins for document exchange. Only a few standardized function calls needs to be implemented to get the fully functional solution.



EBA DMS is new generation B2B Document Exchange software enabling customers to exchange legally valid digitally signed documents with visualization. When receiving digitally signed e-invoices EBA DMS checks the validity of digital signature. All of this functionality is provided out-of-the box.

  • Opentrans
  • UBL 2.1
  • Simple e-Slog

Beside above listed data formats EBA DMS provides high-level infrastructure for developing custom B2B Exchange parser/generator plugins.



Sometimes organizational demands for templates are higher than just predefined look and starting text. Sometimes we need more structured templates with fields like dates, numerical, combo boxes, database lookups, multi-column tables, auto-fill fields and automatic sums. All these is provided with EBA DMS E-Forms. E-Forms are easy to create, test and deploy.



Document templates enables your company to quickly create unified documents based on approved templates, allowing changes to be made only in certain areas of the document. This ensures that all documents are created with the same structure, look and predefined values where they are needed.

Document versioning allows you to keep track of template versions and publishing, ensuring control over access and edit rights to authorized personnel.


Digital Signature

EBA DMS enables the signing of documents by a qualified electronic certificate, which has the same validity as the physical signature, and the signature process itself facilitates and speeds up the exchange of documents.

EBA DMS provides the ability to digitally sign documents to your clients, thereby confirming consent and identity, and your business will not suffer in the process of receiving feedback.

EBA DMS Benefits

Benefits of using EBA DMS

  • Acceleration of internal processes
  • Better organization
  • Full control
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Acceleration of document flow
  • Transparency
  • Mobility
  • Cost reduction