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F-Secure Advanced Threat Protection
F-Secure Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your Business and its Data

Protection Service for Business is the best, most comprehensive endpoint protection package on the market, designed from the ground up to solve your challenging business security needs. It protects all your endpoints, from Windows and Mac to mobile devices, against threats like ransomware, data breaches and 0-day attacks, without requiring significant maintenance or management overhead.

Protection Service for Business is the only unified multi-endpoint security solution that comes with integrated Patch Management. F-Secure are proven to provide superior and more consistent protection than our competitors, as verified by independent security experts. Thanks to their pioneering security technologies, such as real-time threat intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms, they are always one step ahead of the attackers.

One security solution to protect your business

F-Secure Protection Service for Business comprises a cloud-based management portal and endpoint protection clients for computers, mobiles, servers, and passwords.

F-Secure Computer Protection

Computer Protection

The number and sophistication of threats is increasing at an ever-faster pace. Hence it is imperative you have powerful, layered protection for your Windows and Mac computers—protection that includes modern technologies such as patch management, real-time threat intelligence, and heuristic analysis.

  • Award-winning security for Mac & Windows
  • AV-TEST Best Protection, 2011-2014, 2016 and 2018
  • Integrated patch management for Windows computers
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in DeepGuard 6


F-Secure Mobile Protection

Mobile Protection

Smartphones are vulnerable to data breaches—in 2016, smartphone malware attacks increased almost 400%. From May 2018, this could lead to a fine of €20 million or 4% of turnover under the General Data Protection Regulation. Protection Service for Business provides security, visibility, and control of mobile devices.

  • Next generation mobile security for iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi security (VPN)
  • Proactive App and web protection
  • Third-party MDM support available


F-Secure Server Protection

Server Protection

Protect your mission-critical communication, collaboration, and data storage with dedicated security for Exchange, SharePoint, and Citrix servers, keeping them running at peak performance.

  • Multi-platform server security
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Fully integrated Patch Management
  • Additional SharePoint & Exchange components


F-Secure Management Portal

Management Portal

Manage everything through a single cloud-based console. This simplifies the deployment, management, and monitoring of endpoint security components, their profiles and integrated security tools.

  • One portal for deployment, management and monitoring
  • Automatic patch management
  • No server hardware required
  • Full integration readiness for third-party management tools


Best-of-breed endpoint security, made simple and cost-effective

Protect your organization with industry-leading security that’s easy to deploy and manage. F-Secure Protection Service for Business sets new standards in securing your endpoints, communication, collaboration, and data storage, at a very attractive total cost of ownership.



Cost-effective, open integration with any central management tool.



Simplifies and streamlines security management, reducing the time and resources required.



Designed from the ground up to be manageable without dedicated security know-how. Straightforward and scalable deployment.



No need to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance.


BEST ENDPOINT  PROTECTION – In cyber security, consistent results are  a sure sign of success.  You need solutions from an experienced vendor that you can trust to protect your business for many years, not just today.

  1. Better protection – Merging your endpoint security into one unified package nets you better, broader, and more cost-efficient protection.
  2. Easy set-up – Cloud-based management, scalable deployment, and automatic removal of old security software makes deployment painless.
  3. Less overhead – Save time and money with simplified security management, automatic client and database updates, and automated patch management.
  4. No servers needed – No need to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance.
  5. Seamless SIEM/RMM integration – Can be used as part of a larger security ecosystem, managed via a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution or Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).
  6. Pioneering Technologies – Build on multiple complementary layers of pioneering security technologies, including heuristic analysis, advanced machine learning, and real-time threat intelligence.
  7. No need for IT security expertise – Designed to work without IT security expertise for cost efficient administration.
  8. Superior Protection – The only cyber security vendor to win the ‘Best Protection’ award from AV-Test six times since 2011.
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