Documents contain information that are critical in the daily management of your jobs. Whether you print, scan, digitize, or archive your documents, the data in them may be significant, and thus managing them requires careful planning, preparation, and end execution. You need to have a vision of how documents navigate in your business.

BeoTech offers a service solution for documents that include a complete solution for creation, control, optimization, digitization, modernization and storage of your business documentation, all for the purpose of significant reduction of cost and increased productivity To raise your business to a higher level.

The solution document is divided into three services:

MDS (print optimization) is an efficient way of managing and optimizing document printing, so that holistic approach with a vital strategy is envisioned for each company that wants to reduce costs on one side, competent and responsible Technical support from the other.

DMS (document Management) is a software solution designed to speed up and make a transparent flow of documents in your company, all in order to manage, put-aways, easy search, and track document flows, as in process automation and mobility in Work.

Document archiving is a document storing service that is a required by the legal classification for certain types of documents. You can make sure that your documents are safe and stored in the long term, and are constantly available by relocation of your documentation to the storage center.