Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solution is the process of designing integration solutions to exchange information from different business process areas and linked databases. This solution allows companies to access and exchange data throughout the organization, providing operational information to users in real time.

Based on the user’s request and after analyzing the existing system, we design a solution for the IT systems, which is consistent with the needs and capabilities of the clients, based on the most modern technologies and applicable international and national standards. We also take care of the integration of the IT system and the user’s business processes to merge their functional and technical characteristics within an interactive system.

The purpose of this action is to increase the business efficiency of the company and gain competitive advantage by using modern information technologies and providing new services. The integration system is not limited only to linking different IT systems within a company and site, but also refers to linking of separated business units, distributors, suppliers and users, and all in order to quickly communicate with each other and Improvement of business.

We have extensive experience in merging various network infrastructures, ensuring different software and hardware compatibility and integrating new solutions with existing operating systems, applications and equipment. Solutions are designed to be able to track changes in users’ business and technological innovation, and to enable simple system expansion and performance improvement.


In order for your company to maximize its computer system, you need a real combination of servers, computers, and data storage systems. Whether you plan to implement a physical server in a business environment or “cloud” system, one of the biggest errors that are made is to choose a server configuration without the clearly defined needs and capabilities that the server should provide.

Whether you want a new server configuration, or if you want to upgrade the current server infrastructure, or think about proceeding with the server migration to a “cloud” solution, our professional team of engineers can help you design, implement, and apply the best solution for your working environment.

When setting up the server environment, or if it already exists, the Beotech team will provide all support to your company by maintaining, securing and providing technical support to your server infrastructure.


Virtualization is a software technology which changes the principles and perception of IT technology from the root. It significantly improves the quality of IT infrastructure and increases the level of it resource exploitation, which leads to saving both money and energy.

Server virtualization is a consolidation of multiple physical servers to virtual servers, as well as their execution on significantly fewer physical servers.

There is also the possibility of Desktop computing to enable users to separate systematic environment from the physical machine and transmit it to any other computer within the business environment.

Reduction of the physical number of servers needed to perform business processes, centralized management and server administration, mobility to transfer to another physical machine which represents reliability in work, only some of the advantages that you can provide Virtualization.

Also, the decrease in the number of physical servers is significantly reducing electricity consumption, both the server itself, and the data center cooling system where the IT infrastructure components are located, as well as the number of all components needed for functional IT environment.


Your network infrastructure represents the main role in security, tempo, and continuity of your business. The infrastructure that is properly designed and maintained allows undisturbed operation of business processes within the company.

As experts for IT infrastructure, we provide you with design, implementation, administration and technical support for a network system that will improve the best performance for your company’s business process. Also, as part of the service, we analyze existing network settings, point to potential problems, create a VPN (virtual private network), set up Wireless access point, Windows Firewall configuration, connectivity and functionality of the Internet, and Adjust the bit rate of information.

With our help, your company will become a more flexible, more economic and functional computing environment, which utilizes latest network infrastructure technologies.


Over the past few years of digital age, we have testified to various technological innovations. As these innovations improved and facilitated business processes, they also caused the risk of a cyber attack. Such risks can make it difficult to work and negatively affect the daily business processes. Unfortunately, numerous surveys show that cyber attacks are increasingly frequent, and that the number of casualties of these attacks increases dramatically every year.

Today’s companies have become more complex and storing their data in the data centers and “cloud” centers are a priority in such infrastructure. In order to protect your data, it is often used by inadequate and outdated solutions for prevention of cyber attacks, so it becomes almost impossible to defend itself.

We offer the most modern, automated, integrated and low-confidence devices that are intended to recognize the type of attack and effectively remove it before it can damage the system.

The services we offer are consulting and design solutions depending on the requirements and size of IT infrastructure, implementation, setup and maintenance of security devices