Extreme Networks is a wired/wireless LAN access layer vendor based in San Jose, California, that continues to expand globally. In 2018, 75% of Extreme’s edge portfolio was refreshed and includes the introduction of 802.3bz switches as well as pre-standards-based 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points and a suite of network applications. The growth-by-acquisition strategy has worked well for Extreme in its wired and WLAN business, which has excelled at provided technical migration strategies for clients, including new access point platforms that can be loaded with differing software personalities. The introduction of Extreme’s “Elements” marketing campaign provides an excellent example of the modularity of the portfolio and the differing requirements of targeted vertical markets. Extreme Fabric Attach modules address the growing need for IoT segmentation that is not able to natively use the virtual segmentation and encryption functionality of Extreme’s access layer fabric.

Aided by acquisitions and organic growth, Extreme campus switch revenue and ports increased by more than 50%, according to Gartner forecasting data, while also increasing market share in 2018. Combined, Extreme and Aerohive had a 4.7% share of the global WLAN equipment market in 2018.

Gartner expects that Aerohive clients will continue to receive sales and other support through existing channels at least through year-end 2020. Clients should consider Extreme Networks, along with its legacy Aerohive products, globally for all wired/wireless LAN access layer opportunities.


  • The Extreme Defender for IoT provides the access layer fabric connectivity and security for devices that are not natively able to use the fabric for virtual segmentation.
  • The release of a single platform access point that can be loaded with different software personalities not only leverages economies of scale, but also provides migration strategies for customers that are part of Extreme acquisitions.
  • Extreme Fabric addresses client needs for IoT segmentation through role-based policy enforcement and tunnels that can be encrypted for any enterprise devices across its wired and wireless LAN product portfolio.

“Our plan is to build on the success of Aerohive by investing in the cloud management platform that so many of you rely on today to build your business. We are committed to leading through the channel and will integrate our could management solution set into our Extreme Partner Network. We will expand on current capabilities by adding our wired switching portfolio, new software and applications to be delivered and managed from the cloud in the future. In the meantime, we look forward to sharing our broader portfolio of software-driven switching solutions from the access edge to the network core and cloud.” – said Ed Meyercord, President and Chief Executive Officer of Extreme Networks