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Philips Professionals TVs for Hospitality
Philips Professional TVs for Hospitality

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Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS) is a business unit that exclusively markets and sells Philips Professional TVs, Signage Solutions, and monitors worldwide. Philips PDS is operated by TP Vision and MMD, two legal entities that are subsidiaries of TPV Technology—the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs and monitors. The entities were established in 2009 after Philips issued them with a brand license. Thanks to TPV’s display-manufacturing expertise and Philips expertise in human-centered design, Philips PDS is able to focus on bringing innovative products quickly to market. Philips PDS operates from its European Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Professional TV Solutions

Take control and be one step ahead


Complete Management

Take Control: With the CMND, hotel staff can easily control their fleet of displays – whether it’s just one screen or all. It also provides an easy deployment and installation, allowing the hotels to be set up to match their exact needs.


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Endless possibilities: With CMND & Create tool hotel staff can push new promotions to upsell and cross sell products, as well as pushing events, city information and personalised messages to any TV within the hotel.


Enhance Experience

Advanced analytics: Integrating content and innovative technologies, hotel staff can develop strategies more effectively using analytical tools to determine which promotions worked best.



Send the right message to your guests with superb picture quality and the ability to show branded, interactive hotel pages.

  • 32″ | 40″ | 43″
  • 1366x768p (32″) / FullHD (40″-43″)
  • Chanel Management
  • CMND
  • Advanced Hotel Mode Configuration
  • SmartInfo
  • Multilanguage

MediaSuite 5011

Give your guests the viewing experience they deserve. They will enjoy a quicker, more responsive TV with a wealth of dedicated hospitality applications, while you will enjoy easy remote installation and management at your convenience.

  • 32″40″43″ | 49″55″
  • Full HD
  • Channel Management
  • CMND
  • Android 5.1
  • App Control
  • Advanced Hotel Mode Configuration
  • Multilanguage
Philips-MediaSuite 5011

MediaSuite 6014

With this powerful Philips Professional TV, vibrant picture quality is only the beginning. Chromecast built-in and easy access to the Google Play Store give you the edge when it comes to engaging guests.

  • 43″50″55″65″
  • UHD
  • Channel Management
  • CMND
  • Advanced Hotel Mode Configuration
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Google Play Store
  • Chromecast Ultra built-in
  • App Control
  • Analytics on-board


Amaze your guests with a smarter, sexier, faster Professional TV. Catch their eye with Ambilight, speed up the interaction with Android™, and enjoy state of the art connectivity and remote management features.

  • 49″ | 55″ | 65″
  • UHD
  • Channel Management
  • CMND
  • Advanced Hotel Mode Configuration
  • Android 5.1
  • Wi-Fi Miracast & DirectShare
  • App Control
  • Ambilight

Take Control of Your TVs

Optimise your on-screen content with the Philips exclusive CMND Display Management Platform. Philips Professional Displays that feature CMND put you in total control with powerful content creation, advanced system connectivity and pro-grade deployment through an easy to use interface. Check Out More →


CMND & Control

Effortless network operation.

Easily perform vital functions like controlling inputs and monitoring display status.


CMND & Create

Your content at your command

A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to publish your own content.


CMND & Check-In

Personalize every experience

Streamline processes and make visitors feel welcome with personalized communication.


CMND & Deploy

Apps made easy

Quickly install and launch any app. Even when you’re off-site and working remotely.