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When printing documents, money is spent in various ways that have not been foreseen, such as inadequate number of devices, spent resources, and inefficient hardware. Professional staff spend valuable time on the problems of simple printers, where hours are spent in communicating with different manufacturers and wholesalers.

The MDS solution enables optimization of the entire process of a physical document – from creation to archiving, from workflow to security and environmental impact.

This comprehensive approach makes the MDS a unique and vital strategy for any company that wants to see its full potential for reducing costs. Experience shows that MDS can reduce print costs from 30% to 70%.

With the support of the technical service and remote monitoring, you can have all the service control of the press you need.

Adapting to the size and unique requirements of your business, our processes begin by identifying weak points in the existing infrastructure, followed by implementation of cost-effective solutions and improving current performance.

The stages on which the MDS solution is based are as follows: Evaluation, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Optimization.

1. Assessment

We start the assessment by gathering data and understanding your business.

This includes a professional assessment of your entire document environment – from financial and auditing to volumetric and energy data.

Using questionnaires and surveys, our assessment phase reveals all the areas of loss and poor productivity in your organization. The result is clear, a report showing exactly where money can be saved and processes optimized.

During the assessment, we analyze the following vital areas:

  • Finance: Determining exactly on what money is spent on
  • Devices and consumables: their effectiveness, severance and maintenance costs
  • Work processes: Whether productivity can be improved with smarter software
  • Documents: How to effectively and safely print, save, manage and distribute documents
  • Environmental Impact: Whether it’s possible to save energy
#1 Faza MDS-a: Procena
#2 Faza MDS-a: Dizajniranje Rešenja

2. Design

In the Design phase, everything is subordinate to your business: the size of your business, your budget, your objectives and performance requirements. Our solution provides the best combination of hardware, software and workflows that will ensure maximum return on investment.

  • Design of solutions: Comprehensive software portfolio, improvement of workflows, system control, resource efficiency and document security.
  • Fleet design: With a wide product portfolio, we consider most appropriate devices for your needs until they are set up for optimal productivity.
  • Financial services: With the possibility of renting equipment, we optimize your costs and unify your equipment.

3. Implementation

During implementation, our priority is to achieve the slightest possible impact on your daily operations – to minimize downtime and risks.

Therefore, the implementation is supervised by a professional project team and is implemented by highly qualified technicians and engineers.

We offer professional fleet management services that help you simplify its use and increase the productivity of the employees, but also satisfy the latest methods for fast and efficient realization.

  • Professional Outsourcing Management: Dedicated services with constant progress reports
  • Hardware and Software Installation: By qualified engineers and technicians
  • Training: Help desk support and staff training to eliminate errors and delays
  • Flexibility Planning Logistics: implementation at a specific time, outside of working hours or during weekends minimize business impact
  • Storing and Disposal: Safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and legally coordinated
#3 Faza MDS-a: Implementacija
#4 Faza MDS-a: Upravljanje Sistemom

4. Managing

Our management services are focused on delivering optimal performance, reliability and cost efficiency. With a number of remote features and on-site support, we take care of complete documentation infrastructure, keep working processes at the highest level and take care of the time spent on day-to-day administration.

  • Fleet Maintenance: Comprehensive service packages for maximum availability
  • Remote monitoring: Proactive Support Service
  • Automatic renewal of consumption materials: Reducing unwanted waiting and ordering of toners, and eliminating the human error when ordering consumables
  • Dedicated Hardware and Software Support: A dedicated team ready to respond to any problems that may occur
  • Regular Performance Reviews: Meetings and detailed reports enable us to have a detailed insight into potential improvement and optimization of the system.

5. Optimization

Your business will never stand in place – as well as your need for printing and documents.

By providing constant optimization, MDS as a service continuously analyzes your work processes and finds ways to improve performance and cost savings. Our regular evaluation shows you measurable benefits of using MDS and allows us to achieve your goals at any time.

  • Data analysis: Through quick and optimized analysis we can quantify the financial value of our services.
  • Fleet Design: We ensure that the equipment meets your requirements.
  • Regular services and queries about satisfaction with service.
#5 Faza MDS-a: Optimizacija
Prednosti MDS Rešenja


Complete cost transparency and savings from 30% to 70%

  • Reducing the use of consumables such as paper and toner
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Reducing the costs of servicing and support
  • You can set up binding print rules that determine which employees can use color printing and that way you can avoid unnecessary costs.

As the device’s life expectancy is clearly defined, potential additional costs can easily be identified and resolved by simple replacements devices.

Increase in productivity and motivation of employees:

  • Increasing productivity through optimized workflows, reducing downtime and minimizing the overload of IT staff that take care of your fleet.
  • The latest output solutions make document management faster and more effective (automated manipulation, distributing and archiving of regular documents)
  • Optimized device management saves time and reduces employee discontent: Reduces the time spent waiting for documents due to excessive equipment use

Transparency: Professionally, by order only and from one source

  • We supply you with everything you need for each printer and multi-function device, regardless of the brand.
  • We undertake all maintenance and repair services, both for our printers and copiers, as well as for those of other manufacturers
  • Remote Audit System: We recognize deviations in the functioning of the device and we act proactively whenever possible without coming to the site

Improved environmental management

  • We reduce negative impacts on the environment through the application of eco-aware software and Ecosys technology
  • By consolidating hardware and using electronic data management, you are making a major step forward in energy efficiency
  • We can advise you in conversion of your fleet to printers and multi-functioning power devices that will make a big difference in energy costs

Improved monitoring and protection of data and documents

No matter what business you’re in, your documents contain important information. You have an obligation to protect client documents and their private data. MDS offers additional security through authorized access to devices and networks through strict control of the content that is being printed.