MyQ has signed a technology partnership with BEOtech, the Belgrade-based IT and print consultancy, to establish the first MyQ competency center for the Balkan and nearby Mediterranean area.

The competency center will expand regional access to MyQ’s award-winning print management services. Staffed with a dedicated team of experienced print professionals, the center will provide clients with direct assistance starting with initial proof of concept consultation running all the way to advanced training for system administrators.

“It is critical for us to have a skilled team in a position that is experienced in working with all the major equipment manufacturers — not just be a single-vendor show — and this is what we have with BEOtech,” said Martin Janus, CEO of MyQ . “The BEOtech team comes with years of print management service experience in implementing single and mixed equipment vendor projects.”

Countries that are covered with BEOtech Competency Center are:

  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Montenegro
  • Albania
  • Greece
  • North Macedonia
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus

The technology partnership comes as the Balkans become more of an established, higher demand market. “The regional market for print services is evolving quickly,” said Marko Vlaovic from BEOtech. “People want modern print and document workflow capabilities, they expect a good cost/benefit ratio, and they come to the table with an interesting mix of new and legacy systems. Our job is to sort this out and help them meet or exceed their expectations.”

Both MyQ and BEOtech are focused on delivering vendor-independent print scan and fleet management systems. The deal enables MyQ to harness BEOtech’s own local expertise, freeing MyQ to focus on the global development of it’s print and workflow solutions. It establishes BEOtech as the “go to” location in the region, ensuring that potential clients have a close, local connection for all of their print service needs.

MyQ is a Czech-based developer of solutions for managing, securing, and streamlining the use of network printers. In addition to certification by the worlds’ leading manufacturers of printing and scanning devices, MyQ was recognized with HP’s “Leading the Charge” award for Technology and Innovation in 2018 thanks to its embedded serverless client.

BEOtech fields a focused portfolio of business and IT solutions, providing world-class expertise with a local touch. Its staff comes with years of experience in implementing and operating Managed Document Services and Document Management System solutions across a range of single and multi-vendor equipment packages. In addition, they have a network of partners across the region with expertise ranging from pre-sales, system design, installation, and support.