Why Cloud

Centralized Solution

MyQ in Cloud provides centralized solution for your printing devices and all additional features.


Easy & Fast Installation

Installation is fully automated. MyQ in Cloud is deployed and ready for use production within minutes.

Flexibility & Scalability

Cloud solutions, by nature, are highly scalable and with flexibility with licensing, you can easily downsize or expend at any time.



As a SaaS, MyQ in Cloud can be cost effective, while on premises solutions can be expensive due to purchasing hardware and its maintenance.

Security & Reliability

A cloud printing solution ensures high availability, and with a team of experienced engineers, there is no risk of data loss.


Simplicity & Efficiency

A Cloud solution provides a secure way for easy access to printing across location and devices, which leads to more efficient workflow.

Why MyQ

1. Be the Winner

To be a winner in this world, you must be faster, smarter and more resourceful. Giving you the perfect experience, we let you focus on your own strengths.

2. Do More!

You need to do ever more, while your time remains limited. Automating the document flows, easing up bureaucracy, we let you finish your own goals faster.

3. Team with the Best

The key to our success lies in serving your needs. Enhancing your company’s workflows, saving time, we let you accomplish more through technology.

Who will benefit


Reduced paperwork, simplified operation, clear rules and accurate reports will save a lot of money, valuable time and help the environment.

  1. Accelerate the return on investment – MyQ will provide you with information you need to know who prints what, when and why, so you can keep the cost within set limits through nearly 100 reports at the right time.
  2. Prevent misuse of sensitive data – We will always make sure that your confidential production plans, payslips or ready-made commercial offers can be accessed by authorized personnel only.
  3. Increase efficiency and staff satisfaction – To achieve better performance of your employees, they need to know they are appreciated and that they can focus on what they do best. That it is why a simplified operation by reducing paperwork is part of our highest priority.
  4. Protect the environment – MyQ will support development of your business, save employee time and prevent unnecessary wastage, decreasing paper consumption and waste production.

IT Specialist

Perfection is not realizing that your machine is running… Imagine what you can now do with all that spare time?

  1. Remove unnecessary administration – We are obsessed with automating and simplifying complex things. Therefore you will no longer need to create reports, order consumables, keep their stocks, monitor and report a maintenance issue or find the right service provider.
  2. Improve your printing environment – Pull printing, mobile print or offline cache ensures a print job is printed on any available device, saving money, time and effort.
  3. Reduce operating expenses – Rules and quotas will help you to keep your print volume under control.
  4. Simplify deployment and maintenance – Installation and setup within a few minutes, automatic search, remote installation and setup of printing devices has never been so easy. Thanks to our flexible licensing you can constantly respond to the changing requirements.


MyQ only offers functions you personally need. With a single click, you can easily perform operations that used to be difficult in the past.

  1. Understand each and every copier – People speak different languages and have different needs. Copiers differ as well – by their functions and control.  We unified the control, translating it to more than 30 languages. We enabled flexible functionality, for individual requirements.
  2. Get freedom of movement – It doesn’t matter if you are in your own office, your branch office or meeting a colleague. You can comfortably print documents at every printer or multifunctional device from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  3. Complete your tasks anywhere, anytime – If there is something wrong with your copier, the system will alert you before it can damage your work. You can simply go to the next unoccupied device and finish your work there.
  4. Secure your documents – Before printing your tasks, you will identify yourself by entering a password, using your contactless card or your smartphone.

MyQ is seven products integrated in one solution

Device Management

  • Alert Monitoring
  • Automated Device Finder
  • Automated Driver Installer
  • Fiery Controller Monitoring
  • Local Printer Monitoring
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Remote Installing & Configuration
  • Support of SNMP v1, v2 & v3

System Management

  • Advanced & Green Report
  • Audit Log
  • Clustering
  • Credit Accounting & Vouchers
  • Customizable Pop-Up User Notification
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Event Notification
  • Full Web Access
  • LDAP Connectors
  • Payment Getaways, PayPal, WebPay & API
  • Private Usage Accounting
  • Project Accounting
  • Report Generator
  • Scheduler
  • User Based & Device Based Accounting
  • VMHA Mode Support

Print Management

  • Client Spooling
  • Delegate Print
  • Device Spooling
  • Direct Print
  • Failover Printing
  • Job Compression
  • Job Modification
  • Job Parsing
  • Job Preview
  • Job Roaming
  • Printing Rules, Rights & Quotas
  • Pull & Secure Print
  • Tandem Print
  • Workflows & Scripting

Scan Management

  • Personalized Scanning Forms
  • Personalized Scanning Profiles
  • Scan to BOX.com
  • Scan to DMS
  • Scan to Dropbox
  • Scan to Google Drive
  • Scan to OCR
  • Scan to OneDrive
  • Scan to OneDrive for Business
  • Scan to SharePoint
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to my folder

Mobile Print

  • BYOD Credit Recharging
  • BYOD Email Print
  • BYOD Job management
  • BYOD Native Android & iOS App
  • BYOD Native Printing
  • BYOD QR Code Login
  • BYOD Remote Device Control
  • BYOD Smartphone/Tablets Support
  • BYOD Web Upload

Device Terminals

  • 32 Languages
  • Embedded Terminal Lite
  • Embedded Terminal Pro
  • External Terminal Pro & Optional Touch Display
  • Personalized User Interface
  • Recharging Terminal
  • Wide range of ID card readers

Fleet Management

  • Alert Management
  • Automated Device Registration
  • Billing Control
  • Consumable Management & Stock Evidence
  • Contract Evidence
  • Remote Control
  • Service Call Management

MyQ Showcase

MyQ is an award-winning solution designed to effectively manage and optimize your print environment and streamline its related processes. Try it yourself.
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MyQ already supports over 4000 devices from 26 vendors


Choose your plan


99*per Month / billed Annually
  • Up to 5 Devices
  • Device Management
  • System Management
  • Print Management
  • Scan Management
  • Mobile Print
  • Device Terminals
  • Fleet Management


169*per Month / billed Annually
  • Up to 10 Devices
  • Device Management
  • System Management
  • Print Management
  • Scan Management
  • Mobile Print
  • Device Terminals
  • Fleet Management


249*per Month / billed Annually
  • Up to 15 Devices
  • Device Management
  • System Management
  • Print Management
  • Scan Management
  • Mobile Print
  • Device Terminals
  • Fleet Management

*Price includes MyQ licenses for the required number of devices and BEOtech support for installation and maintenance of the MyQ server, on a customer Cloud infrastructure. If the customer doesn’t have a Cloud infrastructure, BEOtech can recommend a Cloud provider and give minimal requirements for the MyQ installation.

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