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Palo Alto Prisma - Secure the Cloud
Palo Alto Prisma - Secure the Cloud

Secure the Cloud

Prisma™ is the industry’s most complete cloud security offering. Accelerate your cloud journey with a product suite designed to secure today’s complex IT environments.

Palo Alto Prisma - Secure the Cloud

A New Standard in Cloud Security

Palo Alto holistic approach to cloud security delivers the most complete solution available, and is future-proofed to evolve with your organization.


Secure DevOps

Protect your cloud native applications across the entire stack and throughout the entire lifecycle, in any cloud.

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SaaS Security

Safely enable SaaS application adoption while ensuring compliance and protecting data.

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Branch & Retail Security

As your branch networking strategy changes to adapt to the Cloud, evolve your architecture to reduce complexity and cost.

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Mobile Workforce Security

Eliminate remote access VPN, proxies, and secure web gateways, and protect mobile users—anywhere.

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Zero Trust Cloud Security

Use Zero Trust principles for secure access to public cloud, private cloud and SaaS applications.

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Cloud Network Protection

Apply network segmentation between cloud workloads and prevent advanced threats.

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The Prisma Difference

Prisma is the industry’s most complete cloud security suite and is comprised of four distinct products.


Prisma Access

Cloud-Delivered Mobile User Security

Prisma™ Access helps your organization deliver consistent security to your remote networks and mobile users. It’s a generational step forward in cloud security, using a cloud-delivered architecture to connect all users to all applications. All your users, whether at your headquarters, in branch offices, or on the road, connect to Prisma Access to safely use cloud and data center applications as well as the internet. Prisma Access consistently inspects all traffic across all ports and
provides bidirectional networking to enable branchto-branch and branch-to-HQ traffic.

Delivering protection at scale, Prisma Access provides global coverage so you don’t have to worry about things like sizing and deploying hardware firewalls at
your branches, or building out and managing appliances in collocation facilities. Prisma Access uses Cortex™ Data Lake for centralized analysis, reporting, and forensics.


Prisma Public Cloud

Public Cloud Threat Protection, Governance, and Compliance

Prisma™ Public Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive threat protection, governance, and compliance offering. It dynamically discovers cloud resources and sensitive data across GCP™, AWS®, and Azure® to detect risky configurations and identify network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data leak-age, and host vulnerabilities. It eliminates blind spots across your cloud environments and provides continuous protection with a combination of rule-based security policies and class-leading machine learning.

Prisma Public Cloud also vastly simplifies the task of managing compliance across the multi-cloud landscape and supports audit-ready reports across the industry’s most complete library of supported frameworks—including CIS, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, SOC 2, and more—with a single click. Powered by APIs with seamless integrations across your cloud environments, threat intelligence, and remediation tools, only Prisma Public Cloud delivers a truly integrated, friction-less experience—no agents or proxies required.


Prisma SaaS

Secure SaaS Access

By offering advanced data protection and consistency across software-as-a-service applications, Prisma™ SaaS reins in the risks. It addresses your cloud access security broker (CASB) needs and provides advanced capabilities in the areas of risk discovery, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data governance, user behavior monitoring, and advanced threat prevention. Now, you can stay compliant while preventing data leaks and business disruption.

Prisma SaaS functions as a multi-mode CASB, offering in-line and API-based protection working together to minimize the range of cloud risks that can lead to breaches. With a fully cloud-delivered approach to CASB, you can secure your SaaS applications through the use of in-line protections to safeguard in-line traffic with deep application visibility, segmentation, secure access, and threat prevention as well as API-based protections to connect directly to SaaS applications for data classification, data loss prevention, and threat detection.


Protects cloud workloads with network policy whitelisting and prevents threats within application traffic.

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