DELL PowerEdge Servers

Build a modern IT Infrastructure

When you buy a Dell EMC server, you get more than just hardware. You get access to IT solutions end-to-end. Dell and EMC bring together industry-leading expertise into a common platform to help you transform your data center. Dell EMC can deliver PowerEdge technology at any level of integration – from a best-in-breed platform, to a pre-integrated fully turnkey hybrid cloud implementation or any step in-between. Combining the PowerEdge server infrastructure with Dell Services and Financial Solutions allows you to modernize your data center faster, more affordably and with less risk.

Modernize IT with server innovation


Scalable Business

Maximize performance across the widest range of applications with highly scalable architectures and flexible internal storage.



Automate the entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement with embedded intelligence that dramatically increases your productivity.



Protect your customers and your business with a deep layer of defense built into the hardware and firmware of every server.

Rack Servers


Ready your data center to handle any workload. PowerEdge rack servers combine a highly scalable architecture and optimum balance of compute and memory to maximize performance across the widest range of applications.

  • World record in SAP performance
  • Widest range of in-server storage options ever in PowerEdge servers
  • IT Pro “Editor’s Choice” award with 5-star ratings (R640 & R740xd)
  • #1 in price/performance (R740xd)
  • Powerful 4-socket performance and GPU acceleration for data analytics, AI and machine learning


increase in VMs/node


more transactions per second


more orders per minute

Explore PowerEdge Rack Servers

One-Socket Rack Server

One-Socket Rack Servers

One-socket (single CPU) rack servers offer a cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity to make IT easy. Designed to easily grow and evolve with your business.

Two-Socket Rack Servers

Two-Socket Rack Servers

Two-socket (dual CPU) rack servers offer a wide variety of features to accommodate more demanding workloads. Offered in price and performance configurations to suit most environments.

Four-Socket Rack Servers

Four-Socket Rack Servers

Four-socket (four CPU) rack servers are the workhorses of the data center, offering the highest performance for the most demanding workloads like data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

Tower Servers


PowerEdge tower servers are designed to grow with your organization, at your pace.

  • Flexible configurations with large internal capacities
  • Broad portfolio for SOHO, ROBO and SMB markets
  • Rackable for continued use as companies grow


more PCIe Gen3 slots


more NVMe drives


increase in

Explore PowerEdge Tower Servers


One-Socket Tower Servers

One-socket (single CPU) tower servers offer a cost-effective, entry-level solution for businesses migrating to servers from PCs or laptops. Designed for core office workloads, like file sharing, print, point of sale, and database applications.


Two-Socket Tower Servers

Two-socket (dual CPU) tower servers offer a deeper variety of features to accommodate high performance applications like web serving, consolidation, and virtualization. They include more cache and speed, as well as the flexibility for expansion and additional processors.

Modular Infrastructure


Create an agile, future-ready data center with flexible, easily expandable compute, networking and storage. The PowerEdge modular portfolio allows you to precisely tailor, quickly deploy and easily manage infrastructure while lowering operating costs.

  • PowerEdge MX – Modular, 7U integrated solutions designed for enterprise data center density and future extensibility with easy deployment and management
  • PowerEdge FX Series – Hybrid 2U rack integrated solution delivering scalable performance with rack flexibility for demanding workloads
  • PowerEdge VRTX – Single, compact tower- and rack-capable integrated server solutions optimized for small, remote and branch offices
  • PowerEdge C Series – Server node providing a dense, accelerated computing platform for high-performance cognitive workloads


more cores


more memory bandwidth


network throughput

Explore PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure


PowerEdge MX

Modular, 7U integrated solution designed for enterprise data center density with easy deployment, management, and maximum longevity. PowerEdge MX features industry-leading no midplane design and scalable fabric architecture to support new processor technologies, new storage types and new connectivity innovations well into the future.

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PowerEdge FX

Drive IT transformation with the PowerEdge FX architecture to scale workloads quickly, adding resources incrementally with efficient chassis management.

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PowerEdge VRTX

Single, compact tower- and rack-capable integrated server solution optimized for small, remote and branch offices. Tailor your IT infrastructure with the right compute, storage and connectivity to meet specific workload needs.

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