Skybox – OT Security Management


See and understand where your most critical systems are vulnerable to attack

Operational technology (OT) encompasses hardware and software that monitors and manages physical equipment and processes. It includes a variety of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) such as distributed control systems (DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and industrial internet–connected devices extending to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

As the use of OT, and in turn IoT, increases, the need to secure these technologies to support continuous uptime and safety has never been more critical. These technologies are often business critical in many industries and extend to the monitoring and control of core infrastructure such as oil and gas drilling and distribution; energy generation and distribution; chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturing; and many health, building management, transportation and telecommunications applications, among others. Failure directly affects business operations and revenue.

Additionally, because they run essential systems in critical infrastructure and deliver responsive capabilities in real-time (such as meeting surge demand/usage), availability is a key security concern. OT networks, therefore, need to be operational at all times. The traditional approach to securing OT networks has involved leveraging air gaps or creating physical separation from IT networks in order to isolate them from cybersecurity risks. OT networks were presumed to have a reduced risk profile with respect to cyberattacks due to the difficulty in developing attacks for proprietary protocols and archaic technology.

Skybox for OT offers passive network monitoring and situational awareness that provides instant visibility and cyber resilience for OT networks. It discovers all IT and OT devices, building them into one unified model to give insight to networks, assets and vulnerabilities with full context. The Skybox solution delivers a complete risk, compliance and exposure posture, empowering organizations to take preventive actions such as improving security control configurations, prioritizing patching or using IPS shielding to block access to known exposures in the network.

Skybox for OT includes:

  • Visibility of your entire attack surface to better defend and protect critical assets
  • End–to–end path analysis from any source to any destination, including between and within networks, to identify potential attack vectors and ensure policy compliance
  • Insight into vulnerabilities, their exposure and use in the wild
  • Automated processes and orchestration to maintain uptime and avoid costly or dangerous disruptions
Reduce DNS Service Disruption
Reduce DNS Service Disruption

Hybrid Network Modeling
Skybox creates a logical model of your hybrid infrastructure, security controls, assets and vulnerabilities thanks to tight integrations with several OT security products.

Vulnerability Exposure Analysis
Attack simulations find vulnerable assets exposed to potential threat origins, putting these at the top of your priority list.

End-to-End Path Analysis
Automated analysis of the reachability between networks and network zones prevents unauthorized access to critical assets.

Total Visibility
Model your entire attack surface — hybrid infrastructure, assets and vulnerabilities — to truly understand risk in your unique enterprise.

Centralized Vulnerability Data
Skybox creates a comprehensive repository of vulnerability data from IT and OT environments, so analysis has the complete picture.

Attack Simulation
Simulate attacks on the model to learn how vulnerable assets could be exposed to threat origins inside and outside your organization.

Risk-Based Prioritization
Prioritize assets, groups, vulnerabilities and their patches by risk to intelligently plan remediation actions.

Policy Compliance
Ensure network devices and security controls are enforcing policy, limiting access to your OT network as desired.

Simplified Reporting
Customizable dashboards and widgets make it easy to report on security and ensure remediation measures are effective.

Reduce DNS Service Disruption