Risk Assessment

SkyBox - Risk Assessment
SkyBox Risk Assessment


Reduce your attack surface and contain cyberattacks fast with a cybersecurity management solution that gives you total visibility and actionable security intelligence.

The Skybox Platform combines firewall and network device data with vulnerability and threat intelligence, prioritizing security issues in the context of your unique environment.

Powerful attack vector analytics reduce response times and risks, bringing firewall, vulnerability and threat management processes for complex networks under control.

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The Skybox Platform


SKyBox Horizon

Get unprecedented visibility of the attack surface, including indicators of exposure (IOEs). Horizon’s security visualization and mapping capabilities are rooted in Skybox intelligence and analysis of all the layers that make up the attack surface — including assets, hybrid network topology, weaknesses and threats.

Horizon makes it easier for operational teams to understand and discuss security risks and cyberthreats — and plan how to address them. Horizon tracks risk levels over time, so status and progress can easily be communicated with security stakeholders — including the C-suite and the board.

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SkyBox Vulnerability Control

Gain total visibility of the vulnerabilities in your attack surface without waiting for a scan. Leverage Skybox Research Lab’s vulnerability and threat intelligence, and automatically correlate it to your unique environment.

With network modeling and advanced simulations, pinpoint exposed vulnerabilities and other attack vectors. And use context to prioritize vulnerabilities in terms of actual risk and respond to threats with accuracy and efficiency.

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SkyBox Research Lab

Get access to analyst-validated security intelligence, consolidating and verifying information from dozens of public and private feeds. The Research Lab also conducts investigations of sites in the dark web to keep you up to speed with the latest exploits, crimeware and more.

The work of the Research Lab is delivered directly to the Skybox Security Suite to identify vulnerability occurrences, contextually prioritize them, find available patches and improve mitigation measures like IPS tuning.

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SkyBox Firewall Assurance

Secure and optimize your firewalls and keep rulesets clean with automated firewall rule life cycle management. With support for nearly every enterprise firewall vendor, you can keep security gaps closed and automate continuous compliance across all firewalls at once.

Firewall Assurance also performs “what-if” analysis to see into the future of your network, investigating the security and business impact of proposed changes before they go live.

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SkyBox Change Manager

Streamline daily firewall change management tasks with an automated workflow that speeds up processes from planning to execution. Check each proposed change for security and compliance with automated, proactive risk assessments, and track every step for a full audit trail.

Change Manager’s Network Mode also lets you visualize proposed change routes to see details surrounding the change, identify relevant firewalls and plan necessary actions.

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SkyBox Network Assurance

See your network—no matter how big or complex — with the Skybox network model. Use attack vector analytics to assess proposed network changes, and verify network compliance every day with customizable reporting and metrics.

With the Access Analyzer feature and our support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware NSX, Network Assurance visualizes end-to-end access paths — even into virtualized environments — so the right users have the right access anywhere in your network.

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