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One vendor. One platform. One single pane of glass.

Organizations of all sizes have complex IT environments that make managing IT challenging.

SolarWinds design our products to be powerful and easy to use, and many are built on a common technology platform, the SolarWinds Orion Platform, that enables you to implement our products individually and grow as you need. They are highly scalable, and our integrated network and systems performance data is combined from multiple parts of the tech stack to provide a single, unified application-centric view and experience.

How they see IT differently

  • Centralized monitoring and management of your entire IT stack, from infrastructure to application
  • Scalable architecture that reaches across your physical, virtualized, and cloud IT environments
  • Simple, secure, and integrated experience
One vendor. One platform. One single pane of glass.
Have Your IT Stack Covered

Have Your IT Stack Covered

Monitor and correlate data across the entire tech stack to help you more easily meet your service level agreements. This eBook highlights a few approaches to monitoring your IT environment and how they impact troubleshooting. We’ll share how the SolarWinds Orion Platform provides an optimal integrated experience, and how the PerfStack™ dashboard simplifies data correlation for efficient problem-solving.

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A Single, Integrated Experience to Make IT Look Easy

The Orion Platform offers a single architecture that scales to manage the most complex and geographically dispersed IT environments.

SolarWinds scalability engines are designed to provide monitoring and management for large enterprise-class infrastructures. Additional polling engines allow you to scale up to 400,000 elements on a single Orion Platform instance while additional web servers scale the number of supported users. With Enterprise Operations Console (EOC), you can centralize and simplify data management of multiple instances in a single, consolidated view.

A Single, Integrated Experience to Make IT Look Easy
Scalability That Takes You Where You Need to Grow

Scalability That Takes You Where You Need to Grow

One platform from one vendor, with a single pane of glass, delivers central visibility and control through a tightly integrated experience.

Monitoring a growing and changing environment can be a challenge. From system optimization recommendations to scalability and high availability options, Kevin M. Sparenberg explains how the SolarWinds Orion Platform can grow and adapt for your ever-changing infrastructure.

Explore Orion Platform products

Availability & Performance

Network Performance Monitor

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring for fault, performance, and availability
  • Automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting

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Application & Infrastructure

Server & Application Monitor

  • Deep performance visibility of commercial and custom applications
  • Monitor across private, public and hybrid cloud environments

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Database Performance

Database Performance Analyzer

  • Find, analyze, and optimize your database performance story
  • Multi-vendor support across physical, virtual, or cloud deployments

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Hyper-V & VMWARE Troubleshoting

Virtualization Manager

  • Identify and remediate VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V problems
  • VM capacity planning and sprawl control

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Bandwidth & Traffic Patterns

Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

  • Customizable network traffic reports
  • Multi-vendor device and flow support

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Storage Performance & Capacity

Storage Resource Monitor

  • Unified storage monitoring across different storage vendors and devices
  • Pinpoint storage performance bottlenecks

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Configuration & Change Management

Network Configuration Manager

  • Multi-vendor network change and configuration management
  • Real-time configuration change notification

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Security & Compliance

Log Analyzer

  • Search and filter log data from multiple sources
  • Real-time log streaming and visualization

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