Scan to AWS S3
Integrating with the world’s leading Cloud storage provider, MyQ now allows a system administrator to configure MyQ so end users can scan files to AWS S3. One example would be in the government sector, as the majority of these institutions need to store their documents in Amazon S3 (known as Amazon Simple Storage Service).

End users can now use their Apple device’s native print driver for sending files to multi-functional devices and don’t need to install any app to their mobile device. They can print anytime without IT assistance. This is ideal for employees who are constantly going from office to office.

MyQ 7.5

ScannerVision Integration with HP
MyQ users can now more easily define how scans are processed and shared. This integration makes it easier for users of this scan workflow solution to have a richer experience when it comes to capturing, processing, and sharing scans. Law firms will benefit by being able to capture hard copies of documents and transforming them into editable and searchable digital copies.

Address Book from Exchange
System administrators can configure MS Exchange allowing end users to share scans with personal contacts from their address book. Users will save a lot of time because they can now tick boxes next to their contacts’ names rather than manually entering entire email addresses. For example, this is a great advantage for teachers when they have to scan assignments to many students at once.

New Languages
MyQ’s collection of available languages grows bigger with every software release. MyQ 7.5 now offers Finnish, Flemish, and Dutch. MyQ strives to improve its language availability, and we are far from ‘Finnish’ed.