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Portnox Platform Solutions

Portnox is a proven server software solution that works with your existing networking infrastructure and deploys on any server. A single portnox software instance can manage up to 20,000 ports across all access layers, multiple sites, network vendors and physical locations.
The Portnox Platform provides complete control of all network elements; 100% network coverage, from initial authentication and compliance assurance to enforcement and remediation.

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Portnox CORE

CORE provides a complete solution for Network Access Control (NAC) across wired, wireless, and virtual networks for enterprise managed, mobile and Internet of Things devices.

CORE does not require appliances, agent software, 802.1X or changes to existing networking infrastructure such as mirror or span ports. It supports all existing networking infrastructure and is uniquely adept at handling a wide variety of devices with varying levels of IP support.

This solutions is referred a software-based solution that runs on Windows Servers (physical and virtual) to continually communicate with all existing networking infrastructure, gaining complete visibility into all assets currently connected to the network. This is achieved through a variety of native connectivity options including SNMP, telnet, SSH, etc. With a definitive and highly accurate view of the network, Portnox CORE can interrogate every connected device to verify its type, patching status, level of compliance, identity and user identity, among other parameters. This is achieved without use of agent software – instead leveraging over 25 different methods of profiling and authentication ranging from.

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Portnox CLEAR

CLEAR delivers affordable, deployable and manageable NAC to any sized company as a cloud service. No appliances, heavy configuration or extensive expertise needed. Portnox CLEAR can be set up, configured and deployed in minutes!

Traditional 802.1X NAC solutions often bring a high cost and significant deployment and management overhead even to the most well seasoned and well staffed large enterprise. With Portnox CLEAR all the complexity associated with rolling out 802.1X, continuous wireless management and more is moved to the cloud, leaving the SME a quick, easy to deploy, easy to manage and cost effective NAC solution.

They key components that make up Portnox CLEAR include: AgentP (Device agent supporting windows, MAC, IOS and Andriod devices), CLEAR Radius (Cloud-based Radius Server & Authentication), CLEAR AD Brooker (Options light-weight software to support AD authentication and access controls), CLEAR Analytical Engine (Continuous awareness of device risk posture and alignment to policy), CLEAR Guest Management: Optional add-on providing robust management and control of guest access

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